Into the blogosphere

3 02 2010

Hello world!  Welcome to my corner of the net.  I’m a stay-at-home-mom, at least partly by choice, and always busy with two young boys.  But in whatever time I can carve for myself, I love to make things.  It started as a hobby, making cards and soap and little things, but over time, it has become a major obsession.  When the boys are asleep, I sew.  When they are awake, I cook.  In the summer, we have a very small garden.   Very small.  But it’s a lot of fun (well, for big brother, anyway, little brother hasn’t seen it yet).  I love to share the things I make, and I was starting to feel like I spent all my time on facebook posting pictures of things I made.  So, to spare my friends the stream of pictures, I’m moving it here, where anyone can follow, if they are interested.

We have a blog for the kids already.  But sometimes, there are things I want to share that are not about them.  People who go to work get to talk about work with coworkers, but those of us who stay home don’t have that opportunity.  (Believe me when I say my 2 year old is not impressed by the things I sew, and he could not care less what I cook.)  I enjoy reading other people’s blogs, and I often get inspiration and instruction from them; it forms a little community similar to what I left behind when I left the workforce.  I have never worked harder to achieve less, and here I will share my little joys and triumphs, and the failures too.

Oh, and as for the name of the blog… this is kind of silly, so bear with me.  There is a blog I saw called “he sows, she sews”, and I thought that was terribly clever.  I thought, what does my husband do?  He’s a surgeon.  He’s a surgeon, she’s a sewing?  No, that’s dumb.  Wait, wait… he’s a surgeon, she’s a’ sergin’!  Haha!  It’s really only funny if you know what serging is, I guess, but trust me, I do lots of it.  It’s a kind of sewing.  So, it’s a bad pun.  I like bad puns, so I stand by it unapoloRing slinggetically.  It probably won’t be the last one.

So, to get the ball rolling, here is my latest project.  I’m pretty happy with the way it came out.  It’s a ring sling, for carrying little brother, because he likes to be carried.  It’s a single layer linen/rayon blend with a pleated shoulder (sleeping baby production style, thanks to Jan Andrea), and a little bit of calico on the end for decoration. Not the best picture, but it’s hard to photograph.

It already gets a lot of use!  I can even get little brother asleep in it, and sew while big brother is napping.  So, hopefully I will have regular updates and new projects to show!