Fall Crafts

28 11 2010

With the leaves gone from the trees and the snow starting to fall, we are officially moving into winter, and I’m putting away our fall decorations.  I have never been one to decorate for seasons, but I have to admit that it was fun to come up with these projects and the house looks nice with them up, so we’ll probably do similar activities in the future.  Our first project we started in October and finally finished about a month later.  It was a three-part activity:


First, we colored coffee filters with fall-colored watercolors.  Then, later (much, much later, weeks, maybe?), we cut up the coffee filters to to make our “dry leaves”.  I thought it would be good cutting practice for BB, but he was really struggling with it and got bored quickly, so I did a lot of the cutting myself.  Then our dry leaves got to hang out for a while until we finally got to the last part, making a tree on contact paper:


That part was easy and BB really got into it.  I cut out a tree trunk, placed it on the sticky side of contact paper, and we added our leaves.  The end result was a very cheerful window hanging!

I saw various leaf garlands floating around the internet and decided to give it a try.  We picked up leaves on a walk around the neighborhood and I ironed them in between wax paper (more ironing than I’ve done in months), which flattened them and theoretically gave them a bit of a protective coating.  Then I braided some yarn and BB and I stuck the leaves into the braid and secured them with a dab of glue.  All in all, it was a TON of work.  Braiding yards of yarn is not as easy as it sounds, and hot glue would have been much better, but not with a 3 year old around.  Also, the leaves were really brittle, so it was hard for him to do without breaking them.  So, not a really fun kid project, but I really liked how it looks. 


Last but not least, we made these goofy little turkeys for thanksgiving. 


BB named his “Gus the firefly” and his eyes repeatedly fell off (he has one eye missing here). 

I am hoping to be more intentional (and organized) about the projects we do from now on so in true Type A form, I am making a list.  Haha!  We’ll see how that goes.  It can’t be much worse than our random approach these last few months!