Self-drafted skirt, take two

17 04 2011

I found this large, shapeless skirt at goodwill, and bought it to make a (linen) muslin:


Using the same pattern as before, I made another ruffle skirt (similar to the Laura skirt in Design-it-Yourself Clothing, but without a yoke). 

2011 04 April3

The pictures are not the best (but yay for sunlight!).  Here’s the skirt by itself:


I’m really happy with the fit, the construction, the fabric, everything.  In comparison, the previous skirt feels like a burlap sack.  This is a beautifully heavy, yet soft, fabric.  The zipper is really invisible.  I know I said it before, but I might actually wear this!  I only bother with a skirt once or twice a year and this one has a good chance of being the one.  The top of the zipper is a little weird but I love the look of finishing with a bias facing:


So the zipper instructions say to have the zipper stops 3/4” from the edge of the fabric, and the seam allowance is 1/2”, so there is this weird little 1/4” separation at the top.  Not quite sure what to do about that, but it’s covered by a shirt, so at least it’s not noticeable. 

Since finishing this I have been inspired to sew like crazy but sadly I’ve been having one mishap after another and I feel like nothing is coming out quite right.  I hope I can get my sewing mojo back because it’s time for (drumroll please)…

I have been working and working and working but nothing great yet.  It is my GOAL to get something worth submitting together in time.  I am so excited to see what people are making since I steal all my ideas get all my inspiration from the brilliant people of the internet!