Self-drafted skirt

12 04 2011

Continuing my way (ever so slowly) through Design-it-Yourself Clothes, I drafted a pattern for a skirt.  That was the easy part.  It comes first in the book because it’s basically just a trapezoid, one very simple piece for the front and an almost identical piece for the back.  I actually bought a skirt at goodwill to use the fabric to make a muslin (being cheaper than actual muslin, and a nice linen/cotton blend, at that), but then I got sidetracked and decided to cut up an old ring sling that hadn’t been used in a long time and will probably (definitely, now) never be used again.  Here it is before:

IMG_2223 IMG_2224

Isn’t it hideous?  I made if from osnaburg I dyed myself.  I had visions of a lovely blue/purple result, but somehow it ended up looking like a bloody rag.  Needless to say, I didn’t use it much, so for this project I bleached it and dyed it brown.  I wanted to do a ruffle like the Laura skirt in the book but I had to piece together the ruffle so I decided to leave the seams on the outside and let them fray. 

2011 04 April

Sadly, the dye job is still terrible.  You can see the dark blue splotches where the dye wasn’t dissolved completely (brown dye is a mix of red, blue, and yellow, it’s a lot of fun to watch it dissolve).  And overall it looks blotchy.  And it was too long, which is not something I thought I’d ever say about a skirt.  So I shortened it and re-dyed it. 

2011 04 April1

In the end I’m not sure how I feel about it.  The fit is undeniably good, which I suppose comes from drafting it to your own measurements.  It has its flaws; you can still see the blotches from the first dye job (upper right picture) and the invisible zipper is not that invisible (lower left).  Beyond that, is it stylish?  Is it ridiculous looking?  The line between the two is thin to begin with and I am not well versed on what falls on which side.  After t-shirts, I am a little bit out of my depth, fashion-wise!  Regardless, I like it well enough and it will probably get worn at least as often as my other skirts, especially since it fits, and after having 2 kids I can’t say that about any of the other ones.  So I guess this is the pre-muslin, and after having made some alterations, I am working on another muslin with the altered pattern.  It should be ready soon if I get up the energy to sew again!

Self-drafted shirts

26 03 2011

Even though I kind of ran out of steam for CTB, all-boy, all the time, I picked up sewing for myself with even greater enthusiasm.  If my posts have been sparse, it is only because my free time has been completely consumed by going through the Design-it-Yourself Clothes book and working on projects from it.  And combing the web looking for ideas for more projects.  Here they are, in all their glory, the first 3 shirts I made from self-drafted patterns!  They are just muslins (like practice shirts), made from a jersey sheet, nothing fancy.  I’m really happy with the fit though, so I might cut into some nicer fabric soon.  The basic T pattern:


The next variation, the Charlotte T:


(Please forgive the goofy pictures, these are the best I could do with the self timer.)  And finally, a V-neck T, my first attempt at altering a pattern, based on instructions at Sew Chicken:


Heehee, still need to hem that one, oops!  I was too excited to try it on.  Actually I made it largely to practice my hand at ruffle-making for another project, to come another day!  I am having a great time sewing for myself, having decided that if I want to sew anything “girly”, this is essentially my only choice.  Plus, I hate clothes shopping and I love fabric shopping, so it should be a lot of fun making some of my own clothes!  And I figure even if they’re not perfect that (1) in the 9 months of winter we have here, nobody will notice the imperfect clothing underneath my fleece jacket, which I am never without, and (2) really, it would be hard for my handmade (not homemade) clothes to be much worse than what I already wear.  I am thankful every day that the people of “What Not to Wear” do not stop me on the street.  So, a fun new set of projects are piling up in my mind faster than I can complete them, or even start on them!  Hopefully I will get a few more done to show off in the coming weeks.  Thanks for visiting!