Cloth Diapers

25 02 2010

I started using cloth diapers with big brother, gosh, I guess it was 2 years ago already.  It was the diapers that prompted me to buy a sewing machine, because I realized if I could make my own, I could save big bucks.  So I worked on it, and I’m proud to say that most of my early efforts were completely usable (unlike the clothing I tried to make).  Diapers, I found, are actually really easy to make.  To make “nicer” diapers, like the kinds you can buy (bumGenuis, FuzziBunz, etc.), you have to order special materials, but it still works out to be a couple of bucks per diaper, versus almost $20 retail.

At first, I made my own pattern using velcro, and it was pretty good.  Here is a tutorial, in case you want to try it; it’s the one I used.  Then I decided I liked snaps better, and decided the cost of a pattern was well worthwhile if it produced a usable diaper in one try.  Patterns range from $5-13, so by the time you figure materials and time, it’s a good deal.  For little brother, I made all his diapers, and already he is outgrowing the smallest ones, so I have been working on some size medium diapers.  This has been my sewing project for the last week, and I’m proud to present:

Chloe Toes diapers

I like the chloe toes pattern, although I have very few with which to compare.  They come together really quickly, and I’ll probably try to put together another 4 this week.  They’re a little bit big on LB still, and if there’s something you don’t want, it’s a diaper that is a little baggy in the legs and waist.  🙂  But I’m sure in a few weeks they will be fitting great and it will be time to retire the small diapers already!  These diapers are bound in fold-over elastic (FOE), and the blue ones have little dinos:


Having 2 in cloth diapers is a lot of work, but there is something to be said for having a little fun with diaper changes.  I change a LOT of diapers every day, and I get a little kick out of choosing which diaper to use.  BB likes to pick out a diaper for LB at diaper change time, and he will spend a good minute mulling over the choices.  “Hmmmm…. robots or zoo animals?”

Anyway, sewing diapers has become more of a chore than a fun project, so I’m glad these are done and I can swap out my needle and work on other things.  I spent last night working on a rag quilt for BB–it should be done soon!  And I have my eye on several of the projects from Celebrate the Boy month on MADE and Made by Rae… I will definitely be making some 90 minute shirts in the near future.