Blog? What blog?

11 09 2010

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve written anything.  In large part, it’s because I haven’t had much time to make anything, so there’s not much to share!  So, what have I been up to for the last month, you must be asking yourselves?  (Assuming anyone reads this…)



We went to the beach, extended family and all!  It was a great time.  LB’s first time to the great sandbox by the sea and he loved it.  He got to wear his beachy onesie I had made just for this trip, so I was pretty excited about that (geeky, I know).  Oh, he could have played in the sand all day. 

And then we came back to reality, except with a fun new souvenir of our vacation – crawling.  I made these little shoes (free Sew Darling mini-mocs pattern)before we left:


But look what I have to contend with now!


Actually, I guess it’s not obvious from the picture, but he is standing up there, his new trick, and oh boy is he into EVERYTHING.  Cruising, crawling, climbing, I haven’t had a minute’s peace since we got back.  That, combined with lots of car travel and cooling temperatures have made the knitting bug make its annual appearance.  I can usually knit a little while I watch the kids terrorize each other play.  Here’s one project:


It’s really just a use-up-10-year-old-yarn project.  I bought it from the side of the road on a trip to Chile because I thought it was so cool. Back before I knew any better.  It’s not very soft and a real PITA to knit with.  BUT, after this scarf, it will be done.  So that’s that.  On vacation I bought this great yarn by dragonfly fibers from a LYS…oooohhhhhh, now THIS is good stuff. 


It’s on its way to becoming a darkside cowl, and hopefully a matching calorimetry headband

Also, I needed a headband since I got a major haircut and my 15,000 ponytail holders are now useless.  So of course, I thought, “What’s the most difficult and time-intensive way to procure a headband?”  If you’re me, this is the answer!


Knit one!  I’m a very slow knitter.  And I’m easily bored, which is probably why I have 3 projects going at any one time.  Anyway, it’s a modified Saving Grace headband.  I had meant to sew one, which would have taken about 10 minutes (maybe less), but no, I went with this which took me a week.  At least I didn’t dye yarn for it, I used this yarn I had dyed last year when I was going to knit for LB (you know, before he was born, when I actually had time).  Now I’m thinking I would much rather have one in shades of brown, something more fall-ish, so I might have to take up yarn dyeing again.  Then I can have it ready to go for next year when the knitting bug bites again, haha!

So that’s life around here.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an unending list of projects to knit up!