Teacher gifts

21 12 2012

So much for posting more frequently! I don’t know quite why, but this year has just been crazy. That purse I was going to make in October, yeah, that hasn’t happened. I did manage to get fabric for it though, in the form of a pair of cargo pants and a linen dress, so hopefully I can start on that soon. I also knit a cowl for BB, but I don’t have a picture yet… So the only thing I’ve accomplished that I can share is this year’s teacher gifts:


We live right by a Dollar Tree these days, and I found baskets and decorate-it-yourself mugs there, plus some cellophane bags. I made granola similar to this, but with pecans, orange zest, and craisins, to make it a “holiday granola”. Then I made cinnamon-glazed popcorn, just as written, and chocolate truffles from a cookbook. They were simple but messy…so, so, so messy. In the end, the kids didn’t help at all because they are both sick, which is a bummer.

Well, off to round up library books, package more bags of popcorn, do laundry…and pay more attention to LB. 🙂 Maybe the new year will bring a little more time to myself!



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