Long time no see — an update

3 10 2012

Wow, it’s been a long time! You know, I follow several blogs and I’m always amazed to read things like, “Guess what, I just had a baby! Now I will only be posting 3 times a week instead of 5” or “Sorry this is a day late! We just moved cross country and I am posting from my phone.”. Well, this summer we moved cross country. It wasn’t the kind of thing that set me back a day, it was the kind of thing that turned our whole world upside down. We’ve gone from the suburbs of upstate NY to the city of Seattle, from a house with a yard to a townhouse with no yard, just a view of an alley and an adult video store. Classy! BB has started kindergarten, which has been a HUGE adjustment for us all. More on that another day! LB is going to a great little Spanish immersion preschool. He came home yesterday and told me, “Hoy es Martes!”. I was so proud! So, this is all to say that we are finally settling into a routine and hitting our stride in a new place.

Fall has been beautiful, and today I finally kind of got my act together, thanks to a great morning at MOPS, which I haven’t done before but really enjoyed, and found very encouraging. They talked about the five love languages for kids and it really reminded me that the kids both love doing crafts, which I have slacked off doing since we moved here. So today when we went walking to BB’s martial arts class, we gathered leaves, acorns and chestnuts. We made a little fall foliage collage… No directions from me beyond drawing a tree trunk and gluing stuff on. They love gluing stuff!




The kids each did their own thing! Then we made some cute little chestnut guys. The chestnuts were soft enough that I could just shove in toothpicks. We used fast grab tacky craft glue for this project.


Cute, aren’t they? Well, I’m going to try posting this before it gets too long. I just realized I could do this on my iPad (so please excuse odd punctuation, it has it’s own ideas sometimes), which is super convenient if it works. You can expect more posts if this works out!



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10 10 2012

Yay, Monica! I’m so glad you started posting again!

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