Buttercup Bag

9 12 2011

I finally tried out the free buttercup bag pattern over at Made by Rae!  It’s been on my to-try list for ages.  I actually don’t have much in the way of cute quilting cotton, but I’m thinking of making one (or a few) for Christmas gifts, so I had to make a practice one for myself, right?  Field test it a bit?  🙂



I bought a remnant of brocade on a whim years ago, and used suedecloth for the lining.  I have a ton of it from my diaper-making days.  It came together pretty quickly, and I think it looks super cute, but am I alone in thinking it needs some interfacing?  As written, it’s made with quilting cotton for the outer and inner, and even with the thicker fabrics I used, it’s very floppy.  But, you don’t notice it much while you’re holding it, just when you set it down. 

“But you already have a purse,” says my husband.  “Hahahahaha!”  I say.  Now I have 2. 



6 responses

9 12 2011

Looks beautiful – I love the color!

9 12 2011

What’s interfacing???

9 12 2011

Haha yes, there’s a note if you read through the whole the post (but it’s not in the pattern), it does require interfacing if you’re not using a heavier fabric.
🙂 Cute!

9 12 2011

Thanks Robyn!

Mom, interfacing is like a stabilizer that you iron to your fabric to make it stiffer.

And wow, thanks Rae! I really appreciate the advice. I bought some quilting cotton to make more and I will definitely get some interfacing for it. It’s a super cute pattern!

9 12 2011

How do you find time to make so much cute stuff!!!! 🙂 love it!

10 12 2011

Thanks Mary! I just do a little at a time…

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