Another spring top

10 10 2011

I finally got back to sewing last week after a summer hiatus.  I had all this great (cheap) fabric I bought back in May, and a stack of patterns to make some more spring/summer tops after the inspiration hit hard during Spring Top Week.  So… here it is, my spring top, just in time for winter, hahahahahaha!

2011 10 October


It was my attempt to make a shirt like this one, and aside from the fact that I forgot to put in the ties, I thought it turned out pretty similar.  In the end, I convinced myself that it’s better not to have things hanging off my shirt anyway; really, that’s just an invitation to be grabbed at by little hands and dragged around like a dog on a leash.  :p

I had to alter the pattern (Simplicity 2599) pretty substantially.  I’d never made it before, and according to the measurements I should have made a size 14-18.  Well, I’m pretty solid, but come on!  My pattern only went up to 12, so I cut that one, and it was like a tent, so I made some alterations to bring it in at the waist. 

I waffle between liking it and thinking it looks like a clown shirt.  So, if you know me, you might or might not ever see me wear it out in public, I can’t decide.  Speaking of waffles, we made these sourdough waffles today and they were so good!  Mmmmmmmm……waffles…..



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14 04 2012
Time for spring tops! « Domestic Engineering

[…] than Simplicity 2599, which I bought last year for this same occasion (but didn’t actually make till the fall).  Plus I got to rummage through my mom’s old sewing box for needles and thread and I found […]

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