End of summer

22 09 2011

I am majorly saddened by the end of summer today.  As much as I love fall, it’s a sad fact that it will not last from tomorrow till mid-December.  Winter will be here long before that!  So I wanted to take a minute to reflect on what we did this summer.  I had a list of goals, and I actually did refer back to them when I was thinking of things to do.  We didn’t accomplish everything but we did a lot, and had a wonderful summer, which I suppose is why it’s so sad to see it ending.  (In reality it ended 2 weeks ago, I guess, when the kids started preschool and life became a busy whirlwind of rushing here and there.)

My goals: Total FAIL.  I accomplished 0 of 3.  None.  Zip.  Nada.  I guess in the summer I just don’t spend any time sewing.  Not entirely true though!  I failed to make garments (which is sad because the patterns are all summery), finish a romper for LB (stopped with only snaps to go!), and carve one. single. stamp.  BUT, I made myself the purse of my dreams:


I’m planning a whole post on this.  It’s not so exciting to look at (although I love it), what’s exciting is the abundance of pockets and some carabiner loops I sewed in.  It’s so perfect! 

Outdoor goals:  Pretty good here. 

* Bean bole teepee: check.  It didn’t turn out great and unfortunately I didn’t get a picture in its full glory but here it is in its early days:


Sadly, my neighbor, who is wonderful and watched the garden while we were out of town, weeded a little too enthusiastically and “weeded” the bean plants and 2  of our three cucumbers.  Sigh. 

* Moving to a real bike: check.  Thanks to a wonderful friend, BB acquired a real bike with training wheels and he has loved going for rides on it.  I can’t even keep up with him!


* Go camping: double check!  We went once and loved it, and immediately planned another weekend excursion.  I would hardly say they went without a hitch, but we all had a great time and BB is still talking about going camping. 



We didn’t do any letterboxing, but other than that we completed all our goals!

Art goals: pretty good also.  We didn’t manage to do an index card a day but we did a whole lot, and mostly watercolor (BB loves watercolors), also some oil pastels and sharpies but watercolors were a clear winner here.  Some of BB’s work:

2011 09 September

I always asked him what it was because, let’s face it, it’s pretty abstract.  Every time we sat down to do a card, I did one too.  These are some of mine:

2011 08 August2

I really enjoyed drawing with sharpie and then watercoloring the drawing.  I had never thought to do it, but it seems to be a common practice in kids’ books and I can see why!  Very fun.  Most of mine are pen and ink.  Some are coped straight from Made by Joel, as I tried to get the boys into the coloring pages, but neither one was having it.  I think his illustrations are fantastic.  We didn’t do any more formal art classes, although we might be doing one now in the fall.  This was just perfect as an informal way to do some art all summer long.  I hung them up on our art line and we had a rotating gallery of masterpieces all summer.  🙂

I think that’s enough of a summer reflection for one night; this weary “soccer mom” has to get up early and gogogogogo again tomorrow.  Goodbye summer!  We loved every minute!




2 responses

23 09 2011

I love that purse that you made. I almost bought a Columbia one for a lot of money to go hiking this summer but i think I will wait until you have time to make none for me:)

23 09 2011

I meant “one”…none would not help me much!!

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