Spring tops

9 05 2011

So after all that sewing for myself, I got really tired of  garment sewing.  I took a little break, made a potholder, a purse, and a tiny oven mitt for the kids’ play kitchen.  Then I went for an extended visit to my parents’ house and I get back home and BAM!  SPRING TOPS ARE DUE TOMORROW!  AaaaAAAccccKK!  It’s like being in high school again.  Since the deadline really snuck up on me, I didn’t get to finish all the things I was going to do.  I had planned to draft all my patterns but yesterday realized that wasn’t going to happen.  So I finished this muslin:


Very quickly, before church.  I ended up really liking it; I’m wearing it again now, in fact.  Then we went to take pictures in the park.  Ah, boys.  They were not very cooperative.  We got some cute pictures though, and it was a nice way to spend Mother’s day.  Then my mother’s day gift to myself was to not feel guilty as I ignored my family and made 2 more shirts so I could meet my goal of making 3 tops for myself that were good enough to enter into Rae’s Spring Top Week contest.  I did this one during LB’s nap:


I love this one!  It’s a rib knit from Joann that I got on sale and it’s so soft and comfy.  And my dear husband really humored me by taking these pictures since I left my camera at my parents’ house.  (Double aaaack!)  Then in the evening, when I realized I was out of time to make patterns, I printed the two-piece tunic from Burda Style, and put this together while sort-of watching the Amazing Race:


In the end, as I was assembling it, I realized I was making something that looks a little too much like scrubs for my taste.  And I had to take the pictures myself, with my husband’s camera, which was no small feat and almost took longer than making the shirt.  Sadly, they are all out of focus too.  Anyway, the shirt is OK, the fit is not great, but it’s something I might wear.  I like the color a lot; it’s a fabric I found on clearance at Wal-Mart for $1/yard, so I figured even if the pattern wasn’t that great it wasn’t a big loss.  It was my first attempt at making a shirt out of a cotton woven, and while it was so, so, so easy to sew, I think the fit is not as easy as with a knit, so I really need to find a pattern that works before trying again.  Maybe I will finish that pattern I was drafting from the Design it Yourself Clothes book…

Anyway, that’s my last-minute effort, not quite what I’d hoped but I did manage to get the three shirts done.  Now the kids are really needing supervision so I’d better enter these shirts and be done!

Edited to add: I just saw the deadline has been extended, so I’m going to hold off on entering the pictures I took myself and see if my husband will humor me once again and take some nice outdoor pictures of the shirts.  🙂