Baby gifts and the beginning of spring

6 04 2011

Just so nobody thinks I fell off the face of the earth… a quick look at what we have been up to!

Some cold, early spring hikes:

2011 April iPod

A few days later, a nice sunny day:

2011 April iPod2

Some cool glimpses of nature:

2011 April iPod1

We saw a goose (middle picture above) laying eggs in her nest!  It’s so nice to be outside again. 

On the crafty side, I got down to business making some tiny dresses for my niece.  It was so much fun sewing little girl things!  SO.  MUCH.  FUN. 

2011 03 March

The headband came out a little small, so I don’t know if it’ll fit, but sometimes I think I forget how small newborn baby heads really are. 


And another onesie dress.  I don’t have a lot of girly fabrics, otherwise I probably would have kept going and made a ton of these!  The first one took a while since it was all new to me, but after that it was easier.  I am still working (very slowly) on making clothes for myself, but this was a wonderful break.  I hope they will be well used!



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