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12 03 2011

I guess maybe it was inevitable that making so many boy items I got a little burned out.  So a few days ago I got the itch to try making something for myself.  Just as last year I watched from the sidelines as Celebrate the Boy month went on, I also watched Rae’s Spring Top Week with admiration, wishing I had those kinds of mad skills.  This year I’ve decided I can do it, or at least try, and my goal is to make something presentable enough to submit for the competition (assuming it happens this year, I guess).  I picked up a copy of Cal Patch’s book, Design-it-Yourself Clothing at the library and I’m working through it, but I started by making a pattern from a shirt I had and making a muslin in another $5/bolt Wal-Mart find.  (Seriously, somebody tell me to stop buying those.)  I finished it last night and it’s nothing special but I was thrilled to find that it fit, and it doesn’t even look that bad!  (And if it does, please tell me now to spare me the embarrassment later!)  Here it is, my first attempt at making something for me:


So, like with the “pirate” fabric, this stuff is terrible.  I mean, it’s see through!  It’s fine for layering, I guess, but I don’t like to layer, I like to put on a shirt and be done.  Still, it’s cheaper than muslin, and I have some cute rib knit that I will be trying next, so this made a good sample, since it’s similarly stretchy.  I thought about doing something with a fancy neckline to break up the plain-ness of the solid yellow.  But, that’s not really my style, so I decided to do just a simple binding instead. 

NecklineFalling apart hem

I did a blind hem on my serger but it’s already falling apart.  I think this material is too stretchy—it’s very stretchy.  I need to go over it again to keep it from falling apart. 

So if anyone is reading this, let me ask you a few questions.  Do you make clothes for yourself?  Where do you find good fabric/patterns?  This is all new to me since I’ve only ever looked at kids’ fabric and patterns.  Still, I look forward to this new adventure!  I can never find clothes I like (you know, suitably frumpy), so this opens up a whole new realm of possibilities….




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14 03 2011
Melissa Q

I’m just embarking on making clothes for myself but have stuck with cotton woven fabrics so far. I actually took cal’s class, which was great! I also like the patterns in heather ross’ weekend sewing (with caveats, as I write on my blog). Good luck with the adventure. I find it much more difficult but more rewarding overall.

14 03 2011

Oh, I’m jealous, I would love to do a real class! I guess since I do t-shirts for the kids I am more comfortable working with knits; they are very forgiving. I may have to invest in some wovens though and I’ll take a look at that book, thank you!

9 05 2011
Michelle Cheuk

I really wish I could sew clothes for myself. My sewing skills aren’t good enough.

9 05 2011

Hey, I saw your pics of facebook today that included a shirt that looked great! I thought maybe you were taking part in the spring top madness too. 🙂

9 01 2012
KNIT-erviews! « Domestic Engineering

[…] (A shirt made from my Wal-Mart junk.) […]

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