Arrrrr, Matey!

9 03 2011

I asked BB at the start of my sewing spree, “If you could have anything on a shirt, what would it be?”  And he said “A Pirate!”  So I started work on this shirt.  It’s been in progress for a while; first I made the shirt, then he saw it and wanted to wear it, so it went into the laundry and out of circulation for a while.  Then I got back on task, drew a little pirate for it, and did a freezer paper stencil onto some matching interlock.  It was finished last night and I didn’t even get a picture of it before he saw it and wanted to wear it!  I wasn’t going to argue.  He went through a phase where he wouldn’t wear things I made him, so it was incredibly rewarding to hear “Wow, a pirate!  Thanks for this cool shirt, mom!”  (Hug).  OK, OK, twist my arm, you can wear it right now. 


The fabric is this $5/bolt stuff I got at Wal-Mart (used to make LB’s baby prisoner outfit) and in retrospect it’s pretty awful.  Why, why, why, did I buy this?  It reminds me of the joke about how the food at this place is awful but the portions are huge.  Well, this fabric makes me nuts now but I still have a ton of it left.  But, I feel like it manages to pull off the pirate look pretty well. 

The pirate fascination is kind of a funny thing.  He has asked me what wicked pirates are, and what scurvy pirates are, and why pirates have swords, and what the cannonballs are for.  These are hard questions!  (Although today he asked, out of the blue, if Santa is real or pretend, and that was harder.)  And it’s hilarious because most of what he knows about pirates comes from The Last Saskatchewan Pirate, and he goes around singing about stealing wheat and barley, and just in general has a very, very skewed idea of what pirates are.  It’s a very cute song, though, and we listen to it many times a day.  Maybe a matching shirt for LB should be next?  Coincidentally, there was a great pirate shirt on MADE today too!  Popular theme!




One response

9 05 2011
Michelle Cheuk

The pirate pic is SO CUTE!!! Wow, you’re so good at drawing. Wish I could do that.

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