Scavenger Hunt Bag

28 02 2011

Well, it’s finished.  19 pieces and 3 days later, it’s all assembled and ready for the big reveal.  I tell BB about it and he is excited; I explain that we can carry it with us when we go hiking and he can use it to collect interesting things he finds.  “Oh!” he says.  “Like leaves and rocks and…shiny rocks!”  At this point I’m excited too because guess who usually gets to carry all the rocks he finds on our hikes?  I’ll give you a hint: it’s not him.  Sadly, that was as far as the enthusiasm went.  He willingly tried it on, and it’s a great size (I was a little worried since the strap is not adjustable), but he didn’t want any part of it.  I was a little crushed because I worked really hard on it and thought he might be a little more excited, but then I should know better by now.  That’s why I like doing clothes; they don’t even notice them, they just wear them and I get to enjoy seeing them use something I made.  Handmade toys?  Forget it.  I think I’ll tuck this away until it’s warm enough to use it, then maybe it will be received enthusiastically again.  The tutorial was great, and I thank Steffanie at Sew grown for providing it.  The fruit of my labors:

02 February3

It started out as half a pair of jeans (the other half having gone into baby pants) and scraps of linen from a sling (plus some Alexander Henry 2D Zoo that I have been looking for an excuse to use).  I skipped the piping, which looks great, but I am sticking faithfully to my no-buy. 


The bonus is that the inside has pockets too, from the jeans, as well as one that I cut out and stitched onto the back of the bag.  Then I used the button from the jeans to make a closure for the bag.  Of course, that means BB will have to learn to open and close a button, but that’s a useful life skill anyway.



I can’t wait for warmer weather so we can get outside and try it out!  (Can you tell I am sick of winter?)  I read about letterboxing the other day and I was so excited to try it out that I almost dragged the kids on a winter hike (which we do occasionally), but then I realized that even if we could follow the clues to the right location, the box would be well and truly buried in the snow.  Then comes the season of unending mud, but by May we should be good to go so… 3 more months?  I hope we survive; we are all getting some serious cabin fever!



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28 02 2011

LOVE LOVE the bags!!!! He’ll come around. Put some of his toys in there when you go out. just incorporate it. I’m so sorry he didn’t gush over it!! We were suppose to go letter boxing this past wknd in Albany…it snow 12″! Went bowling instead! Love your work.

28 02 2011

Thanks Tracy! Yeah, I guess it was like making a swimsuit and then saying “Oh, sorry, you can’t use it till summer.” 3 year olds need instant gratification! I think I will pack it with some exploring things (magnifying glass, compass, etc.) and give it to him again when we finally go out hiking again. We got a ton of snow too…figures I was here alone with the kids doing all the shoveling!

28 02 2011

Very cute! I love the jean pockets.

Do you geocache too? It is similar to letterboxing, but with a GPS. It’s fun, but again would be difficult to do in the snow.

28 02 2011

Thanks Rachel! I have actually never tried either one, but now that we have a GPS and having learned about letterboxing, I am anxious to try them both out, I think the boys will love it!

1 03 2011

This is SO cute, Monica! Don’t get discouraged by their lack of interest in the adorable things you make! (By the way, we’ve been obsessively making waffles, too- the Mark Bittman overnight recipe- but am looking forward to trying your slightly healthier version…)

7 03 2011

Thanks Emily! BTW, I really would love to borrow a cookbook one of these days–maybe this summer. 🙂

5 03 2011
Steffanie Mormino

I lOVE your design! Boys, I can’t believe he won’t use such a cute stylish bag;) Hopefully he will come around! My boys saw the train fabric when it arrived and asked me for months if I was going to let them have it so by the time they actually got their bags they were head over heals! I guess I tortured them long enough to make carrying their own bag worth it. I love the added snap!

7 03 2011

Thanks for stopping by Steffanie! Eh, I think he will be willing to lug it around if it gives him a place to collect things… but it is by no means as cool as the train ones you made. Now THAT was some great fabric! Looking back I think this one looks a bit baby-ish. (maybe because I bought the fabric originally for a baby gift.)

5 08 2011
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[…] hunt.  Mostly because I thought they would really enjoy it but also because we have a scavenger hunt bag, and now’s the time to use it!  I’ve seen many examples of this on the web; if you google […]

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