It’s the most wonderful time of the year

20 02 2011

Never mind that about feeling blah.  The next day, what comes along?  CELBRATE THE BOY month!  The BEST month in blogland (at least for those of us with all boys!).  Like with the Kids’ Clothes Week Challenge, it was just the swift kick in the rear that I needed to get going again.  I am checking Made and Made by Rae daily (OK, more like many times daily, just in case), browsing the Flickr pool, and just generally feeling inspired.  I love it!  My house is a total disaster but I have already gotten quite a bit of sewing done and some prep work for more projects… it’s very exciting.  Fortunately I have little helpers picking up the slack:


Aren’t they precious?  They would sweep all day if I let them, but it often devolves into a brawl over who gets the big broom.  And there’s no reasoning with a 15 month old.  Anyway, on to the good stuff, or at least the sewing, I won’t presume to call it good.  Just done.  I had made a pair of maternity-waistband-style baby pants for LB and just fell in love with them, wondering why all baby pants aren’t like that.  So I immediately cut out 2 more pairs and then forgot about them for the next few months.  So, item number 1 on my CTB agenda: make dem pants.  I started with the jeans, which are cut from a loved-to-death pair of my old jeans, and decided to make them lined (inspired of course, by Made).  Well, I *ahem* skimmed the tutorial and decided to try it, but I wanted my serging on the inside and not the outside so that I could roll the cuffs and show the plaid lining, sort of LL Bean-esque.  And I don’t even know WHAT I did, but I ended up with 2 separate pairs of pants joined at the ankle.  Sigh.  Much cutting and swearing later, they were done, a little smaller than planned:

02 February1

They have a mock fly and everything, but I realized that with white thread, you can’t see it at all.  I might go back to these and add some detail, like back pockets and contrast stitching.  Or… I might be happy they’re done and call it a day.  With the navy waistband they really look like maternity pants, I didn’t love it at all, but with a shirt on, you don’t really see that part. 

Next up, I decided to tackle my overflowing box of old clothing.  I have kept a lot of this stuff rather than give it away once I started going to thrift stores to look for clothes to refashion, I figure I’m cutting out the middleman.  Besides, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I don’t thing anyone would want most of these shirts… Huntsville space center, Polymer science club, GSUSA… they have sentimental value to me, but they are ratty and old, so finally I cut out the designs (to make a quilt from, a project for another day), and relegated the rest to the status of fabric.  I let BB pick 2 shirts and got started.  Of course he wanted blue and green, so I pulled out my Lil Blue Boo Hoodie pattern and got started:

02 February

Two ratty (and boy do I mean ratty) old t-shirts have new life as a super cool, super BOY hoodie!  Just in time too, that boy is rapidly outgrowing his 3T clothes.  Old t-shirts from the “reclaimed clothing” box, get ready… your day is here!IMG_3254




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21 02 2011
Tracy Kaback

I think the maternity waistband is brilliant!! Easy on…easy off. LOVE the hoodie!!

21 02 2011

Thanks Tracy! They really do go on and off so easily and look more comfy than regular jeans. Now to make 1 more pair…

21 02 2011

Very cool! I love what you did with the recycled hoodie and the pants. I love boy month. I need to shake the blahs and get going myself.

21 02 2011

Thanks Kim! I took a look at your blog and I love the softies, I totally need to do that because I have more scraps than I know what to do with. Although we also have more stuffed animals than I know what to do with…

23 02 2011

I like the pants and hoodie! Jeans are close to the top of my to do list, definately during CTB month. I might have to try the mat waistband on them. That LBB hoodie pattern is pretty fantastic…

24 02 2011

Thanks! I just stopped by your blog again and wanted to say (1) I am totally making chickpea cookies tomorrow and (2) the serger was the best $200 I ever spent! I love it to pieces (except when I have to re-thread it).

28 02 2011
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28 02 2011

Love the pants! VERY LL Bean. Very chic. And that hoodie looks way too comfy! I kind of wish I had one…time to go through the bottoms of my drawers!

28 02 2011

Thanks! My husband thought the lining looked like an old bedsheet (technically it is), but I was hoping to other people it might look more normal. 🙂

12 10 2012

Huntsville, as in Alabama science oly? Ah, the memories!! I Wonder where all my sci oly t shirts went!! I think they didn’t make the move up to Boston.

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