Back to reality (+ shirt showcase)

17 01 2011

Hi all!  (To all 2 people who might be reading this.)  I’ve been gone again from the blogosphere, on vacation again, and then sick with a stomach bug.  But now things are getting back to normal and I thought I’d share a few pics.  They are all taken with my iPod (a Christmas gift) because on vacation I didn’t carry a purse, so I didn’t carry my camera, but I found I could carry the iPod in my pocket.  I am completely in love with it, and may have gone a little hipstamatic-crazy (much to my husband’s annoyance; he likes pictures SOOC, but I think the iPod photos are so sub-par it doesn’t hurt to make them more interesting).  Here are some of my favorite pictures:


(There is a gecko in the lower right-hand picture).  Oh, these are from the Dominican Republic, which is where we had our big family-reunion-type vacation.  I have it in mind to print these 4 pictures and make a real collage like this to hang up…

Anyway, I made the boys matching shirts, but unfortunately BB refused to wear his.  That’s gratitude for you!  Here’s LB sporting his:


Here he is wandering off in his beach shirt while I have a beer:


Yeah, it was nice to be on vacation. 

The shirt is another raglan.  Now that I’m familiar with the pattern, they go together super quick and I really like the look.  The fabric was this jersey I got ages ago in a red-tag clearance at Joann, it has a print of palm trees and waves, and some tiki-looking things, very tropical.  I was so bummed that I couldn’t get both boys in them together.  Oh well!  Gotta pick your battles.  I also have some pictures of LB in his birthday shirts that I made a while ago (for his birthday obviously, which was in November). 


This one says “all-star birthday” on the front and has his name and the “01” on the back like a sports jersey.  I did the same thing for BB’s 1st birthday so I didn’t want LB to be left out.  I also made a shirt that said “Look who’s 1!”  What can I say?  I got motivated, he got shirts!


We had a great time, but it is nice to be back at home!