Baby maternity pants and more recent sewing

28 12 2010

With Christmas behind us, our advent activities over, and a mountain of new toys to entertain the boys, I finally mustered up the energy to do some sewing for LB.  He has a closet overflowing with clothes (ah, the life of a younger brother) but most of his pants don’t fit very well.  It’s largely due to the bulk of cloth diapers, but even in disposables most pants either drag on the ground if they’re big enough to cover his tush, or fail to cover his backside if they’re a good length.  So for a little bit of practical sewing I took an old and beloved pair of corduroys and used them to make some made-to-measure pants for LB.  I used a pair of pants that fit in the waist but were too long, and used that to make a pattern that was just a bit shorter.  I used the legs for one pair and the top for another.  In the process I had a very “duh’ moment where I cut two left legs, thinking for some reason that they were symmetric…nope.  So I ended up having to cut the waist very short, and I added a waistband of knit fabric.  In the end I was really happy with that pair, and even though my husband laughed that they looked like maternity pants, they fit really well and look so comfy.  I know I loved wearing maternity pants, it was one of the best things about being pregnant!


The other pair was made from the top of the pants, and it was a bear to sew because of the thickness of the layers.  They look a little goofy but I like them anyway.  Then I made a matching shirt that ended up not matching all that well…oops.  It was super quick though; I finally figured out how to do a blind hem on my serger and WOW it makes hemming so quick and painless!  The shirt took about an hour total.  I did the whole set in a day and a half, some while the kids were sleeping and quite a bit while they played with all the great new toys they got for Christmas.  I didn’t realize what a gift they would be for me, also!

12 December1

I’ve already cut up some jeans and an old corduroy shirt to make him some more “maternity” pants, oh boy!  So I currently have some enthusiasm for sewing boy stuff, but we are also expecting a NIECE so there will be some girl sewing going on around here!  Yay!




2 responses

30 12 2010
Sarah Peers

I love the “We are also expecting…a NIECE!” Very cute! How are you guys doing these days? Hope to see you soon. – Sarah

30 12 2010

Yes, I am excited to have a girl in the family! We are doing surprisingly well for this time of the year and enjoying time with family. Hope you guys are feeling better, and have a happy new year!

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