Advent, week 2

16 12 2010

Our ornaments and activities:

12 December

Let me just say that the ornaments have been great number practice.  It’s funny because BB is great with letters and is always trying to spell things, sometimes successfully, sometimes not.  But he recognizes only a few numbers, and I joke that it’s because he missed the first week of preschool last year because we were on vacation.  I hope that’s not true.  At any rate, he has been playing with these and lining them up in order and using them to count things, so these alone have been a good source of entertainment and a fun introduction to double-digit numbers.  Here’s what we did:

Day 8: Give a gift.  We went to Wal-Mart and chose an angel from the angel tree (a little boy) and purchased some hot wheels for him, to remember that this is the season of giving, and to remember the less fortunate.  I don’t know how well BB understood this, but it’s worth trying to teach. 

Day 9: Make jingle bells.  We threaded jingle bells onto chenille stems, the formed them into bracelets.  So easy and so much fun!  We learned the song “Jingle Bells” and lo and behold, I turned on the radio and it came on!

(Video of boys playing with the jingle bells.  I can’t figure out how to embed videos!)

We also made these little jingle bell ornaments from the Crafty Crow:


Day 10: Make candy.  We got as far as making marshmallows, and I did the rest myself, deeming it too difficult/dangerous/delicious for BB.  Ha!  Described in detail in the previous post. 

Day 11: Holly Trolley.  We live near a great little train museum that is entirely staffed by extremely enthusiastic volunteers.  They have all kinds of old vehicles that the kids can climb in, mostly trains, a large model train display, and the icing on the cake is a working railroad that they have built themselves.  Wow!  They were telling us the story of how they got the track from the old Rochester subway (Rochester had a subway?!?), laid it out there, and donations go toward expanding the electrical cables overhead that run the trolley.  Anyway, the Holly Trolley is just a ride on this railroad in December, and they handed out candy canes during the ride.  Still, we went with some friends and the little boys all had a blast riding the train.  Unfortunately it seems I didn’t get any good pictures (at least not of my kids). 

Day 12: Watch X-mas movie. Halfway through, this was the day that I nearly called it quits!  Don’t we all have days like that?  The boys woke up super early, I didn’t have anything planned and fortunately BB didn’t ask until later, after I had snuck this hasty sticker on.  We watched our new Veggie Tales movie, which was totally adorable, and had popcorn after LB was in bed.  It was all I could manage and it ended up being a lot of fun. 

Day 13: Make pumpkin muffins.  Kind of lame, also a last-minute addition, but I had some pumpkin to use up…

Day 14: Make Christmas gifts.  I had wanted to make some gifts to send to the boys’ grandparents, and I saw this silhouette idea ages ago.  Well, I finally got some contact paper and we did it.  I thought the results were pretty good!  I used watercolor paper and cut it to about 4×6, then found pictures of the boys in profile and traced them onto contact paper.  That was the hard part; since they were asleep I just pored through my photo library and that was the most time consuming part.  Anyway, we used acrylic paint because I was worried the watercolors might seep under the contact paper.  If the grandparents are reading this, surprise!  This is what you’re getting:


BB painted his silhouettes and I did LB’s.  Frankly I like BB’s better!

Day 15: Make gingerbread playdough.  Well, I knew it would happen sooner or later.  I took advantage of my illiterate child, and when I turned that one over, I said with a straight face, “It says we’re going to decorate our own wrapping paper!”  It’s all in how you sell it, people.  Sigh, I realized at the very last minute that I did not have salt to make playdough.  So we had to scrap that.  We will go back to it though; I just love the recipe here, and the ideas for seasonal variations.  Instead I broke out the roll of paper and the Christmas stamps and BB went to town on it while I worked on our Christmas cards.  It was win-win. 


Hope you are having a fun advent season also!  I can hardly believe how quickly Christmas is approaching… gulp!  Better do some shopping…




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