Advent, Week 1

7 12 2010

So, after the massive push to organize advent activities, you might be wondering what the results have been so far.  Here’s a rundown:

Day 1: Put up decorations.  This was a bit underwhelming.  Somehow I thought we had more decorations than we actually do.  BB found “ghostie”, our color-changing Halloween decoration and was much more captivated by that than the wreath for the door and vase of fake poinsettias.  I can’t blame him. 

Day 2: Go to Park Ave Holiday open house.  This sounded like so much fun, but wouldn’t you know it, it was a day that the kids didn’t nap and there was no way I was dragging them out after dinner when they are tired and cranky.  Lesson learned!  Evening activities will not go on the calendar again; they happen if they happen but we will plan on simpler things.  Instead we actually just did some other crafts with stuff I had on hand, some glue snowflakes (idea seen here) and a “mixed media craft” (i.e. some glue, stamps, and whatever random Christmas stuff we have lying around).  I did the glue snowflakes and BB glitterified them, but the other craft is all him. 


Day 3: Make a garland.  Pretty simple!  We had fun making it.  Here it is:


Simple as it is, it really makes our house look more festive, given our sparse decorations beforehand. 

Day 4: Our mom’s group Christmas party.  I knew this was going to take a while and include a craft so I wimped out and we did not do anything else that day. 

Day 5: Set up the Christmas tree.  Yes, we have a fake pre-lit tree that we got at Big Lots.  It’s nothing special but on a limited budget it’s nice we don’t have to buy a tree every year.  Sadly I don’t have a picture of this yet, but the kids are fascinated with it!  And let’s just say that the plastic ornaments from Target that went on the lower half of the tree are not as unbreakable as I thought they were!

Day 6: Make a birdfeeder.  I was going to do pinecone birdfeeders but we got dumped on with snow and it would have been hard to find pinecones, so this is what I came up with:


I poked some holes in a paper towel roll and a TP roll, put craft sticks through for perches, and we spread peanut butter on and rolled it in birdseed.  BB loved this and would not stop talking about it, but sadly, 2 days later, we have yet to have any feathered friends come visit.  I even got a suet feeder so we could see if different birds came to different feeders…. well, at least the squirrels haven’t gotten them yet. 

Day 7: Go to library to check out Christmas books.  BB’s response this morning, “Oh.  Do we have to?”  Me: “Yes!  It’ll be fun!”  BB: “ohhhh-kaaayyy.”  What are you, 16?  So. little. enthusiasm.  He has enjoyed reading the books we got, but wow, that was not a great response to that activity. 

Odds and ends: Building a nativity?  What was I thinking?  Sometimes people just need to smack me back to my senses.  I saw this post and went out and got a little people set too  It has already taken much abuse been much loved. 


Baby Jesus has been on many adventures, although LB prefers the camel.  You know what’s funny though, when my husband saw the set his first response is “You bought a nativity?  Why don’t you guys just make one?”  Hahaha!  Great minds think alike.  But in this case he conceded that a chewable nativity was better than a handmade one. 

That’s about it around here, now I just need to get something up for tomorrow…



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16 12 2010

I had an idea for garland for you for sometime. My son has started going to “school” three days a week and he comes home with construction paper evergreen trees on which he has glued blobs of tissue paper or stamped on with a round stamp. We have 7 or 8 of these trees, so I taped them up on the sliding glass door in our kitchen and it looks like a garland of trees. It looks very cute and festive! Although he gets the trees at school, this seems like an easy thing you could do with your kids. You could cut the trees ahead of time (as some patient teacher does at our school) and then the boys can decorate. At least BB can decorate and I bet LB can do so soon enough. One of the teachers also suggested punching holes in the top, threading ribbon through and using them as ornaments. Just an idea I though I would pass along!

16 12 2010

Thanks Robyn! I actually bought some tissue paper the other day, so maybe we will try that. BB *loves* glue, so this would probably be a great way to keep him busy.

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