KCWC wrap-up

26 09 2010

Well, the week is over and I managed to sew at least an hour a day every day except for today.  I could be sewing right now, I suppose, but I had to watch The Amazing Race premiere (note: timing a weeklong challenge to coincide with the premiere week of fall tv…not a great idea.  So much temptation to watch tv instead of sew!).  Today I am a little burnt out with sewing and I did a little in the morning but didn’t finish the pants I started because I was out of elastic. 

What I did finish this week:


These cute Owl PJs for BB!  I think this was day 4.  The owls are a thermal fabric that used to be the bane of my existence but finally I learned that it’s manageable as long as you don’t even THINK about hemming it.  It’s not so hard to serge cuffs onto it, so once I leaned that I was able to use these owls, and the lobster fabric from my last post.  I don’t have a modeling shot, but they fit well and BB is sleeping in them right now.  (I washed them to get my marker markings off first!)

IMG_2631 IMG_2634

A pair of kneepatch pants and a LBB hoodie for LB.  I thought they would look good together but in the end I think he looks sort of like a tiny escaped convict. 

IMG_2638 IMG_2640

Well, maybe the prison break look will be in this fall?

What I didn’t finish:

  • Wool pants for LB (almost done, just need elastic)
  • T-shirt pants (same deal, so close!)
  • Converting short-sleeved shirts to long sleeve.  It was hard to work on that because it got so hot here that I was using short sleeved shirts and couldn’t even think about making them long sleeved. 

What I wasted a lot of time on rather than finish my boring sewing tasks I had hoped to complete:


Making cute tags!  Now that I make more and more clothes I really needed size tags, and rather than buy some, I decided to make some, and along with the size tags I made some labels.  The logo was from my etsy shop, I figure the clothes look more legit with a real label in them, haha!  I really wasted a LOT of time on these, mostly time spent on the computer and swearing at the printer.  Grrrr…  I love them though, and I think it was worth the time, even though I failed to finish everything I planned to do. 

All in all, I loved having the motivation of a challenge and looking through everyone else’s creations!



2 responses

28 09 2010
Melissa Q.

I love the pajamas! So cute. And, awesome knee-patch outfit, the convict look is very *in* right now. Thanks for stopping by my blog, it led me to your, which is great.

9 03 2011
Arrrrr, Matey! « Domestic Engineering

[…] fabric is this $5/bolt stuff I got at Wal-Mart (used to make LB’s baby prisoner outfit) and in retrospect it’s pretty awful.  Why, why, why, did I buy this?  It reminds me of […]

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