What is it with babies and hats?

22 09 2010

I have been hard at work on the KCWC, so just a quick post!  I finished much of the list I made for myself, clearing out many objects from my UFO bin.  It’s very satisfying to see things getting finished even though they are not great.  This week has been more about quantity than quality; I am the supersized value meal of KCWC.  Not too exciting but hey, there’s a lot!

The one nice thing I finished was the aviatrix hat for LB.  As I sewed on the button I was dying from cuteness overload.  I love baby hats!  So why on earth don’t babies feel the same way?

I had to put it on like 4 times to get pictures, and distract him with a stick.  Sheesh!  It’s almost too small, but hopefully it will last for part of winter anyway.  If it ever stays on his head. 

As for the rest:












Day 1: Finished 2 bibs that were almost done for a long time, finished the baby hat, and converted a pair of partially constructed pants from too-small-for-BB to just-right-for-LB.  Just to make things more complicated, I made tags too, so now I know what size(ish) the clothes are.  The big benefit though, is that people other than me will be able to tell which side is the back.  For some reason, that has always been tricky with clothes I make.  Not for me, but hey…  So I couldn’t get a picture, but in the picture of the pants you can see a little tag in the back.  Yay!  Now we all know that’s the back!  And the pants are size 18 months!

Days 2 and 3:  I worked on some partially started PJ’s and managed to finish this one.  I had a pattern and everything but it was so craptastic that today I cut it apart and started over with another pattern.  Seriously, the neck was so big that I could put it on, and BB could take it off by going down over his shoulders.  Originally it was a raglan pattern so you can still see the seams if you look closely, and I had to add a grey band at the bottom to compensate for lost length.  Seriously, it is more work to alter something gone wrong than to just give up and cut fresh fabric.  But I was DETERMINED to use up this yard of ugly fabric, so there it is.  BB loves lobsters so he better love these.  That’s all I’m saying. 

4 more days… I hope to get everything on my list done!




3 responses

23 09 2010

I love that hat! E looks so cute in it!

26 09 2010

Thanks Emily! I love it too and I wish he would keep it on his head!

26 09 2010

Wow that hat ROCKS! I’m always amazed that people can find the time to sew and knit and crochet and craft and take care of their kids. Oh, and minor things like eat, sleep and breathe.

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