Kids Clothes Week Challenge

19 09 2010

Somewhere on the great wide internet, I read about the Kids Clothes Week Challenge.  I thought about it, and I was (and still am) a little hesitant to take on a challenge (or should I say another challenge, because most days are challenging enough), but what the heck.  I have a dozen half-started projects and another dozen ideas for projects so I’m going to commit to it and hopefully make some progress on the fall and winter sewing.  The challenge is hosted by elsie marley, read more about it here:

I have been following all the great ideas that go up every day, and thinking “Oh, I should make that,” and “Oh, that is ADORABLE!” but that’s why I am committing myself right now to finish the following extremely boring projects:

  • 2 bibs (is that even clothing?) that are essentially done and just need a snap
  • 2 pairs of pajamas for BB, in various stages of completion and wonkiness
  • 1 pair of fleece pants for LB (started for BB about a year ago, too small, hopefully salvageable at this point for LB)
  • 1 pair of wool pants for LB

If those projects get finished (wonder of wonders), then I will get underway on the following projects, working from most boring to least:

I am hoping that 1 hour a day is a realistic amount of sewing (it’s probably more than I’ve done in the last month total), and that having a list will keep me on task because I am terrible about losing interest or getting distracted or seeing some other pretty thing I want to make.  Like my cowl, which is finished now, and a SUPER CUTE baby hat that I will finish (i.e. sew a button onto) and take pictures of.  I’ll probably not post daily; maybe once mid-week and once again at the end, that is, if I have anything to show for the effort.  Good luck to everyone who is participating!



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