KCWC wrap-up

26 09 2010

Well, the week is over and I managed to sew at least an hour a day every day except for today.  I could be sewing right now, I suppose, but I had to watch The Amazing Race premiere (note: timing a weeklong challenge to coincide with the premiere week of fall tv…not a great idea.  So much temptation to watch tv instead of sew!).  Today I am a little burnt out with sewing and I did a little in the morning but didn’t finish the pants I started because I was out of elastic. 

What I did finish this week:


These cute Owl PJs for BB!  I think this was day 4.  The owls are a thermal fabric that used to be the bane of my existence but finally I learned that it’s manageable as long as you don’t even THINK about hemming it.  It’s not so hard to serge cuffs onto it, so once I leaned that I was able to use these owls, and the lobster fabric from my last post.  I don’t have a modeling shot, but they fit well and BB is sleeping in them right now.  (I washed them to get my marker markings off first!)

IMG_2631 IMG_2634

A pair of kneepatch pants and a LBB hoodie for LB.  I thought they would look good together but in the end I think he looks sort of like a tiny escaped convict. 

IMG_2638 IMG_2640

Well, maybe the prison break look will be in this fall?

What I didn’t finish:

  • Wool pants for LB (almost done, just need elastic)
  • T-shirt pants (same deal, so close!)
  • Converting short-sleeved shirts to long sleeve.  It was hard to work on that because it got so hot here that I was using short sleeved shirts and couldn’t even think about making them long sleeved. 

What I wasted a lot of time on rather than finish my boring sewing tasks I had hoped to complete:


Making cute tags!  Now that I make more and more clothes I really needed size tags, and rather than buy some, I decided to make some, and along with the size tags I made some labels.  The logo was from my etsy shop, I figure the clothes look more legit with a real label in them, haha!  I really wasted a LOT of time on these, mostly time spent on the computer and swearing at the printer.  Grrrr…  I love them though, and I think it was worth the time, even though I failed to finish everything I planned to do. 

All in all, I loved having the motivation of a challenge and looking through everyone else’s creations!

What is it with babies and hats?

22 09 2010

I have been hard at work on the KCWC, so just a quick post!  I finished much of the list I made for myself, clearing out many objects from my UFO bin.  It’s very satisfying to see things getting finished even though they are not great.  This week has been more about quantity than quality; I am the supersized value meal of KCWC.  Not too exciting but hey, there’s a lot!

The one nice thing I finished was the aviatrix hat for LB.  As I sewed on the button I was dying from cuteness overload.  I love baby hats!  So why on earth don’t babies feel the same way?

I had to put it on like 4 times to get pictures, and distract him with a stick.  Sheesh!  It’s almost too small, but hopefully it will last for part of winter anyway.  If it ever stays on his head. 

As for the rest:












Day 1: Finished 2 bibs that were almost done for a long time, finished the baby hat, and converted a pair of partially constructed pants from too-small-for-BB to just-right-for-LB.  Just to make things more complicated, I made tags too, so now I know what size(ish) the clothes are.  The big benefit though, is that people other than me will be able to tell which side is the back.  For some reason, that has always been tricky with clothes I make.  Not for me, but hey…  So I couldn’t get a picture, but in the picture of the pants you can see a little tag in the back.  Yay!  Now we all know that’s the back!  And the pants are size 18 months!

Days 2 and 3:  I worked on some partially started PJ’s and managed to finish this one.  I had a pattern and everything but it was so craptastic that today I cut it apart and started over with another pattern.  Seriously, the neck was so big that I could put it on, and BB could take it off by going down over his shoulders.  Originally it was a raglan pattern so you can still see the seams if you look closely, and I had to add a grey band at the bottom to compensate for lost length.  Seriously, it is more work to alter something gone wrong than to just give up and cut fresh fabric.  But I was DETERMINED to use up this yard of ugly fabric, so there it is.  BB loves lobsters so he better love these.  That’s all I’m saying. 

4 more days… I hope to get everything on my list done!

Kids Clothes Week Challenge

19 09 2010

Somewhere on the great wide internet, I read about the Kids Clothes Week Challenge.  I thought about it, and I was (and still am) a little hesitant to take on a challenge (or should I say another challenge, because most days are challenging enough), but what the heck.  I have a dozen half-started projects and another dozen ideas for projects so I’m going to commit to it and hopefully make some progress on the fall and winter sewing.  The challenge is hosted by elsie marley, read more about it here:

I have been following all the great ideas that go up every day, and thinking “Oh, I should make that,” and “Oh, that is ADORABLE!” but that’s why I am committing myself right now to finish the following extremely boring projects:

  • 2 bibs (is that even clothing?) that are essentially done and just need a snap
  • 2 pairs of pajamas for BB, in various stages of completion and wonkiness
  • 1 pair of fleece pants for LB (started for BB about a year ago, too small, hopefully salvageable at this point for LB)
  • 1 pair of wool pants for LB

If those projects get finished (wonder of wonders), then I will get underway on the following projects, working from most boring to least:

I am hoping that 1 hour a day is a realistic amount of sewing (it’s probably more than I’ve done in the last month total), and that having a list will keep me on task because I am terrible about losing interest or getting distracted or seeing some other pretty thing I want to make.  Like my cowl, which is finished now, and a SUPER CUTE baby hat that I will finish (i.e. sew a button onto) and take pictures of.  I’ll probably not post daily; maybe once mid-week and once again at the end, that is, if I have anything to show for the effort.  Good luck to everyone who is participating!

Blog? What blog?

11 09 2010

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve written anything.  In large part, it’s because I haven’t had much time to make anything, so there’s not much to share!  So, what have I been up to for the last month, you must be asking yourselves?  (Assuming anyone reads this…)



We went to the beach, extended family and all!  It was a great time.  LB’s first time to the great sandbox by the sea and he loved it.  He got to wear his beachy onesie I had made just for this trip, so I was pretty excited about that (geeky, I know).  Oh, he could have played in the sand all day. 

And then we came back to reality, except with a fun new souvenir of our vacation – crawling.  I made these little shoes (free Sew Darling mini-mocs pattern)before we left:


But look what I have to contend with now!


Actually, I guess it’s not obvious from the picture, but he is standing up there, his new trick, and oh boy is he into EVERYTHING.  Cruising, crawling, climbing, I haven’t had a minute’s peace since we got back.  That, combined with lots of car travel and cooling temperatures have made the knitting bug make its annual appearance.  I can usually knit a little while I watch the kids terrorize each other play.  Here’s one project:


It’s really just a use-up-10-year-old-yarn project.  I bought it from the side of the road on a trip to Chile because I thought it was so cool. Back before I knew any better.  It’s not very soft and a real PITA to knit with.  BUT, after this scarf, it will be done.  So that’s that.  On vacation I bought this great yarn by dragonfly fibers from a LYS…oooohhhhhh, now THIS is good stuff. 


It’s on its way to becoming a darkside cowl, and hopefully a matching calorimetry headband

Also, I needed a headband since I got a major haircut and my 15,000 ponytail holders are now useless.  So of course, I thought, “What’s the most difficult and time-intensive way to procure a headband?”  If you’re me, this is the answer!


Knit one!  I’m a very slow knitter.  And I’m easily bored, which is probably why I have 3 projects going at any one time.  Anyway, it’s a modified Saving Grace headband.  I had meant to sew one, which would have taken about 10 minutes (maybe less), but no, I went with this which took me a week.  At least I didn’t dye yarn for it, I used this yarn I had dyed last year when I was going to knit for LB (you know, before he was born, when I actually had time).  Now I’m thinking I would much rather have one in shades of brown, something more fall-ish, so I might have to take up yarn dyeing again.  Then I can have it ready to go for next year when the knitting bug bites again, haha!

So that’s life around here.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an unending list of projects to knit up!