Frustrations with sewing for boys

4 08 2010

I enjoy sewing for my boys, really I do.  I started with diapers, which might sound crazy, but if you are into cloth diapers then you understand the pull.  Seriously, I bought my first machine 2 years ago now for $40 off craigslist for the sole reason that I wanted to make cloth diapers (and maybe wipes).  Ya, I know, crazy.  It’s only more recently that I have started even trying to make clothes; I always found it so intimidating.  But now that I’ve been through it a few times (and bought a serger, a snap press, a new sewing machine….) it’s not so scary anymore.  I would sew all their clothes!  But a few things stand in my way.  First and foremost, of course, is the fact that I just don’t have time to do anything so ambitious.  Then there’s the fact that their grandparents buy tons of clothes for the boys, to the point that they really don’t need much of anything.  And finally, the source of my latest frustration, is the fact that there is just not as much fabric out there, (or patterns, for that matter) for boys.  I was browsing You Can Make This the other day and out of pages and pages of children’s patterns there were like 3 shirt patterns, one pants pattern, a vest, and a couple of ties for the little gentlemen.  Boys are expected to just wear shorts/jeans and a t-shirt, unless they need to dress up, which is pretty rarely. 

Now, I even have a pretty good supply of boy-ish fabric, but lately I have had 2 separate people tell me that clothing made from it looks like pajamas.  *sigh*  My husband looked at the pattern I was trying and declared that it would look best in a solid color…so I should spend 2 hours making my son a plain grey t-shirt?  No thank you.  Is it just a lost cause?  Should I just accept that I will be buying them jeans and t-shirts for the rest of their childhoods?  And why is it that girls can wear 100 colors while boys should wear grey and brown?  Is there anything to make for boys that isn’t either completely boring or pajama-looking?

Anyway, it made me think I better use up my boy prints now, because LB can totally rock the cute prints.  As a onesie, I think it looks adorable, and not at all like pajamas. 

Another onesie with binding from Omi Creates


Now I’m not so sure what I will do with all the other yards and yards of fabric I have.  Make pajamas maybe?




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9 08 2010

I’m laughing about this post because my husband says most of what I sew my 12 month old looks like either pajamas or girls clothes. I found this post from the robot onesie you posted on flickr. I’m looking for that robot fabric. Do you have more you want to sell or a source? Anyway, check out my blog to see some of the boy stuff I’ve been sewing this year!

10 08 2010

Oh that is so, so funny that you found this because it was actually your pictures of the LBB hoodie (green stripey one and retro cars one) that convinced me to buy it and that’s the pattern my husband was looking at when he said he thought it should be a solid color. Well, I looooove the retro cars print and for the record I think the green striped hoodie with orange and blue is a BEAUTIFUL combination of colors! Your little one must get lots of compliments on his wardrobe, even if not from your husband; I am in the same boat. I bought the robots from a group, Nature’s fabrics, and I only have a little left. That one yard has made a diaper, a pair of trainers, 2 shirts and a onesie, so what is left is probably not enough for anything, sorry!

10 08 2010

Thanks anyway on the fabric. Too funny on the LBB Hoodie. My recent post “Encore” has a hoodie I made and as I was making it I was thinking back to that first hoodie I made with orange and blue. The reason I made the fish outfit again in a larger size is that people always comment on that color combination. One of my blog followers actually found me from that outfit. Sometimes it seems that this blog world is so big, but lately it’s been feeling pretty small! You make some cute diapers. Maybe next I’ll try making some. I really like my Happy Heiny’s… do you trace your favorite diaper to get a pattern? Sorry for the long winded comment.

10 08 2010

No problem! I love comments because then I know someone besides my mom is reading my blog, haha! I love the blue and orange combo. I actually made 2 blue/orange/white hoodies for the boys and if I get a chance I will get the pictures up…they are not as nice as yours though. Making diapers is really easy; you could totally trace a happy heiny! I use purchased patterns mostly because it’s just easier. I’m feeling inspired now to post more diapering stuff…if I ever get the energy up I will do that. 🙂

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