11 08 2010

Once again, I am behind in blogging my projects… all that pesky sleeping and whatnot gets in the way sometimes.  Anyway, in the midst of feeling frustrated about the lack of good patterns for boys, I bought the Lil Blue Boo Hoodie pattern, since it was the only one on You Can Make This that actually caught my eye.  It’s made using old shirts!  That’s perfect because I have a million old shirts that are embarrassing to wear!  And yet… I made my first draft out of fleece just to see if the sizing was good, you know, before I cut into my old t-shirts.  They are full of memories, in addition to stains and holes, after all.  And thanks to the generosity of a friend, I have a bolt of nice microfleece.  Here it is:


I modified it a whole lot, but left the size unaltered and was happy to find that 4T was very true to size.  Since I was not using old shirts, I had to solve my raw edge dilemma, and I hate hemming with a passion so I used cuffs of ribbing (a la 90 minute shirt, which I still have not made).  I also did a lined hood, working on using up those pajama-esque prints.  I’m pretty happy with it, but when I make the matching one for LB (matching outfits are always on my to-do list), I am going to try making a placket for the first time.  I didn’t even know what it was called, but Google has helped me out, and I’ll be giving it a try soon…

But still, I couldn’t quite cut into my shirts.  I actually went out and bought old t-shirts to try it again.  (Yes, my husband gave me a hard time about this.  Plus somehow I didn’t think a Girl Scouts or polymer science club shirt would be that great for a little boy.)  I bought 3 shirts and barely eked out 2 hoodies, one in 18 month and one 4T.


You almost can’t tell, but the orange one is the smaller one.  I had plans to dress it up a little, maybe some freezer paper stenciling, but I haven’t decided yet.  In the meantime I like it how it is.  I even broke out my double needle for the topstitching!  Fancy, eh?  I thought the Sesame street shirt would be fun for BB, but in the end I’m not crazy about it.  Ah well, it fits.  And it might look better if it wasn’t totally wrinkled…unfortunately I only iron while sewing.  🙂

One final unrelated thought.  The only thing I am growing with any success this year (besides crabgrass) is an upside down grape tomato plant.  It’s looking great!  Sadly, we are going out of town in a few days and I suspect our tomatoes will ripen while we are gone.  If the plant doesn’t die, that is.  What poor timing!


Frustrations with sewing for boys

4 08 2010

I enjoy sewing for my boys, really I do.  I started with diapers, which might sound crazy, but if you are into cloth diapers then you understand the pull.  Seriously, I bought my first machine 2 years ago now for $40 off craigslist for the sole reason that I wanted to make cloth diapers (and maybe wipes).  Ya, I know, crazy.  It’s only more recently that I have started even trying to make clothes; I always found it so intimidating.  But now that I’ve been through it a few times (and bought a serger, a snap press, a new sewing machine….) it’s not so scary anymore.  I would sew all their clothes!  But a few things stand in my way.  First and foremost, of course, is the fact that I just don’t have time to do anything so ambitious.  Then there’s the fact that their grandparents buy tons of clothes for the boys, to the point that they really don’t need much of anything.  And finally, the source of my latest frustration, is the fact that there is just not as much fabric out there, (or patterns, for that matter) for boys.  I was browsing You Can Make This the other day and out of pages and pages of children’s patterns there were like 3 shirt patterns, one pants pattern, a vest, and a couple of ties for the little gentlemen.  Boys are expected to just wear shorts/jeans and a t-shirt, unless they need to dress up, which is pretty rarely. 

Now, I even have a pretty good supply of boy-ish fabric, but lately I have had 2 separate people tell me that clothing made from it looks like pajamas.  *sigh*  My husband looked at the pattern I was trying and declared that it would look best in a solid color…so I should spend 2 hours making my son a plain grey t-shirt?  No thank you.  Is it just a lost cause?  Should I just accept that I will be buying them jeans and t-shirts for the rest of their childhoods?  And why is it that girls can wear 100 colors while boys should wear grey and brown?  Is there anything to make for boys that isn’t either completely boring or pajama-looking?

Anyway, it made me think I better use up my boy prints now, because LB can totally rock the cute prints.  As a onesie, I think it looks adorable, and not at all like pajamas. 

Another onesie with binding from Omi Creates


Now I’m not so sure what I will do with all the other yards and yards of fabric I have.  Make pajamas maybe?