Travel crafts–part 1 (?)

19 05 2010

In just over a week we are heading out on our first family vacation (or at least our first trip that isn’t to visit family).  We’re going to Montreal and Quebec City and we’re excited for the chance to experience a different culture so close to home.  BB has been telling all his teachers about our trip to Canada, so I think we’ll have a good time there, but the car ride has me a little more worried.  It’s only about 5 hours, so hopefully it won’t be too bad, but I have started working on some entertainment for the ride.  It’s been a long, long while since I worked on anything crafty, so I really enjoyed working on this.

A box of chocolates? No...

A little car village!

A farm, house, lake, playground, and of course, a parking lot!

A farm, house, lake, playground, and of course, a parking lot!

BB (like all little boys perhaps?) loves to play with cars, but in the car, it’s a little tricky.  I had read suggestions to use a cookie sheet and fridge magnets as something to play with in the car, but I’m not willing to sacrifice any cookie sheets for that job, so when I saw this tin, I thought it would be perfect.  I had already bought some mod podge that I was just itching to try out.  As you can see, I’m terrible at it.  No matter how I try, I am incapable of getting the paper to lie flat without ripples.  Oh well.  And I have the artistic skills of a 5 year old.  But I am hoping that’s enough to impress a 2 year old!  I found this On the Road Toob at Joann, and decided it would be perfect… I hot-glued little magnets on the undersides of all the little cars so they will stay in place in the car.  They’re a great size for this purpose; about half the size of most toy cars.  I saw a Farm Toob and so I added a barn to the scene, thinking I might go back to get it, to add some animals and people to the little village.  And, if time allows, I will add little fabric “bridges” so the cars can drive from one side to the other more easily.  Time has been in short supply lately, because LB has decided he is not into sleeping anymore.  So, I have some other projects in the works for our trip, and I am hoping to get them done (which is why this is tentatively part 1–I am hoping to follow with some more travel crafts).  More to come…?



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24 05 2010

…where is uncle Tim when you need some art work done???

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