Fingerpaints from the pantry

22 02 2010

I whiled away the evening yesterday browsing a new crafty site I found, The Crafty Crow.  Really, it’s a roundup of other craft blogs, but it’s great because things are indexed by age level and theme.  There are a ton of things I want to try!  I’m always looking for fun things to do with big brother… 2 1/2 is a tough age, because he’s not quite old enough for a lot of things, and coloring with crayons every day gets a little old.  So, today I made these gel paints that were described on In A Nutshell.  All it takes is cornstarch, water, and food coloring, which are things we always have around, and it was super quick, too!

Ooooh, purdy.

I think it’s safe to say that flannel shirts will not be coming back into vogue anytime soon, so I sacrificed an old shirt to be a smock, and we set to finger-painting. As advertised, these were a great way to teach color theory.  We mixed colors to see what would result, and it was a lot of fun!

Let the art begin!

This was definitely the high point of the day.  In fact, the rest of the day has been a disaster of Titanic-esque proportions (on a domestic scale, anyway).  And it’s not even dinnertime yet!  My thoughts on this project:

* Next time, I would make less.  We painted tons of sheets of paper (and paper plates) and had lots left over.

* I would just do primary colors; the green went largely unused, and it’s kind of unnecessary.

* I’d skip the scent.  I like the idea, but I used mint extract in these, and I don’t want to give the kiddo the idea that it’s food, even though I guess it would be safe to eat.

* I would be a “paint nazi” and dole out just a bit at a time.  We made a mess of the paints, which made color mixing hard after a while, since everything was all mixed up:

The Aftermath--our art, and what's left of the paints.

Good times, though!  We’ll do it again!




One response

23 02 2010

I am soo glad you decided to sacrifice the flannel shirt…and he looks super cute in it 🙂

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